Monday, February 6, 2012

One Moment at aTime

Hi friends :)  I have thought often of this blog, and life has a way of getting IN the way! I set some pretty lofty goals for me as I began this new blog.  The thing is, right now, I am busy doing life.  And I am pretty thrilled to be okay with that.  January has been about learning to eat healthy, and incorporate fitness back into my everyday life.  I love to exercise, so that part has been quite easy for me.  I am training for the Indy Mini-Marathon with one of my dearest friends in the whole wide world, Elise, and I am taking Zumba classes and have found a love for Hip Hop Abs :)  So I pretty much have gone from maybe working out once a week (just so I could state that I was exercising, oops) to 5 to 6 days a week.  But more than just vamping up my health with exercise, this eating better has been life changing and a HUGE undertaking!  Elise and I were walking one evening and I told her how I have been eliminating unhealthy choices and it's been a battle but good.  She mentioned that she felt she has walked this journey with me before, but we were able to put a finger on the difference, I am replacing those bad choices with good ones, great ones even!  Before, I would eliminate all the icky foods in my diet, but was totally ignorant as to what to eat, so I just starved, then binged.  Getting the Action Plan that goes along with Made to Crave has been HUGE for me. 

Since my journey has began, I have hit the 5 pound weight loss mark.  There of course was a hiccup Friday.  I knew it was weigh in day.  And I also knew it was that time of the month.  So before I got on that scale, I prayed.  I prayed that Jesus would help me to maintain an attitude that was positive, and to speak to my heart that it isn't about a number.  And it wasn't what I was hoping it would be.  But I was able to stay motivated, and not run to the kitchen to comfort my woes.  That, my friends, is victory.  I knew I had worked out, made healthy choices in my food, and didn't turn to food for comfort. 

In any "spare" minute that I have, I have been reading Educating the Whole Hearted Child and soaking up all the amazing wisdom I can find in it.  Homeschooling has been one of the hardest, yet most rewarding challenges I have EVER faced.  I have to die to self, every second of every minute of every hour of every day.  But this is what Jesus commands of us.  I know that this what God is calling me and my family to.  And I want to live it out and do it the best I can, with the Spirit's power guiding me at every twist and turn (or reading and math, whichever you prefer).

So yes, I still want to begin my 1000 gifts journey of thankfulness of the heart.  And I finally unearthed all the clutter that has been piling high on my scrapbooking corner today in high hopes of paper using some adhesive and embellishments tomorrow. But for now, if I am living in the moment, I am doing well. If I can go to my room, and jump on that treadmill even as the laundry is beeping in the washer and dryer, there is stuff folded piled up all over my bed and piano, and my precious guitar is sitting there, all demanding a bit of me, then I doing well.  If I can sit on the floor with Gavin while we play Thomas or Uno, even though the buzzer has gone off on the dishwasher and we still have our workbooks sprawled all over the kitchen table, I am doing well.  I am choosing to live in the moment.  To live in freedom.  Big happy sigh. 

Here are two of the best reasons in the world for me
to find freedom in life :)


  1. I am glad Elise pointed out truths to you! Isn't it nice when you have friends walking the journey with you!

  2. I love watching your progress. You're inspiring and a great friend. Keep it up, woman!

  3. OHMIGOSH.. the comment about how homeschooling FORCES us to die to self every minute of every day is soooo true. I needed that validation. It is something I fight so hard. I hear the still small voice tell me to do it and then reply, "Uh, no way I like my alone time". :/ *sigh* THANKS SHAN!


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