Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Seasons Change

I don't even know where this blog post is going to take us today.  I just don't feel like writing this in my journal b/c my hand might fall off :)
What a new season of life.  The children are off to school all day.  While I had this experience for just a wee bit last year before Gavin came home for the year, then I was all about being as busy as possible and filling every loving moment with something/anything/everything.  The Lord has so much been working on my heart this past year, and it has been such a journey, but I had no idea the progress and growth until now.  I pretty much hate being busy now.  I looked at my schedule this week, and cried.  Once again just another level deeper of saying "Yes" to God and "No" to other things in life.  I just recently read a devotional on this very thing, and one line has stuck with me. Pretty sure my wise friend, Beth, spoke this to my heart as well.
 "Everytime you say yes to something, you are saying no to something else." 
I need to make sure that all my yes's are being focused toward my family. 
I am now having to say "no" to good things.  To make sure I only say "yes" to great things, God things.  Now that the children are both at school all day, I need to take advantage of every second I have with them at home.  To live out being a STAY AT HOME wife & mom, what a concept :) 
I also know that God has done a work in me, b/c I MISS my children, terribly!!  I get giddy when they get home from school to hear about their day, only for them to scatter like the wind toward bikes, the cat, trains, littlest pet shop, angry birds, SNACKS...and I have to wait until the dinner table to get the low down of the day.  But I get to be a part of play time, which is great, too.  And Sam wants to learn to cook, so she has been helping me with preparing supper, which is fun, and messy (but I am a horribly messy cook, like my dad, so it may be me more than Sammy making the mess...)
I even tagged along out to the garage yesterday to watch Patrick package bumpers out of desperation and loneliness.  *Disclaimer* I love spending time with my husband.  But the garage is HOT.  I would rather be floating in our pool together.  Instead, we are going to be starting to work out at the gym together...which I am quite THRILLED about, but seeing as he is already thin, he is going to get ripped in about a week, while it will pry take me another 2 years to have a hint of a tricep muscle, but anyway, I am totally not bitter about that at all.... :) :)
Once I get myself into a routine and rhythm of life, I am sure I will settle into things.  But I have pretty much been with children for 8 years.  What a new world this is for me. 
The children are LOVING school this year.  It's been such a wonderful answer to prayer.  I know they are right where they are suppose to be.  And the time I do have with them is amazing.  I am learning the value of QUALITY time verses QUANTITY of time :)  This is a wonderful (and freeing) thing. 
I am thankful today for God's love and freedom and truth in my life.

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  1. This reminds me of the song they sing on Brady Bunch. When it's time to change you've got to rearrange... and then Peter's voice squeaks. LOL

    I love you and I'm excited for this new season of your life. I love that quote about saying yes/no and I've got it written down somewhere, too. It's so true.

    I hope during this time you are able to spend more time with YOU and learn about yourself and focus on improving your relationship with you. But I'm sure you've already figured that one out :)


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